Upgrade / Renew


Existing plants is having a hard time getting their somewhat old installations improved to meet todays requiments.

Typically the improvements needed are:

  1. Securing the continuing production of air
  2. Enabling information from the machinary to be monitored, logged and operated from Scada
  3. Enabling specific alarms to be sent to off-site personnell and maintenance
  4. Enabling remote resetting of alarms
  5. Enabling remotessistance

On top of that, it is often a challange that population is increasing, requirering the aeration to grow a little. Maybe one or more blowers are almost worn out. Maybe the electrical components are not available anymore. The issues are many when improvements are neeeded.

Process-Tech Eco has many years of experience in both reconstruct a new control system for the old blowers, adding a new type/brand blower and upgrade the information and remote control from blower control package to Scada and/or the outer world.

The best results are achieved when replacing instrumentation on the blowers, blower control panels with new and the combined blower control panel (master blower control panel). That will add all the above key items and the ability to expand in the future. These steps naturally takes place gradually, as the upgrade is carried out while the plant is running.

Furthermore, energy savings are achievable at an early stage and the remaining control systems from Process-Tech Eco can be added to achieve a full control package.

A project runs typically though the following steps:

  1. Future plant setup is settled
  2. Future control philosophy is settled
  3. All available documentation of the existing installation is studied
  4. Special instrumentation and electrical components are examined for possible replacement or reuse
  5. Building and testing replacement panels
  6. Replacing the control panel of second blower communication testing commissioning. One by one until the final has been commissioned
  7. Replacing the master blower control panel communication testing parameter adjusting commissioning
  8. Installation of valves and sensors at the areation zones
  9. Integrating one zone at a time commissioning
  10. Full test and commissioning