Process Stability


The process stability is the key for a plant that runs nonstop and where a critical output is wanted. It might be considered more important than saving energy, but at the same time, it is necessary to have a stable process in order to achieve energy savings. 

The process stability is essential for accomplishing an equal quality even though the process parameters are never the same. Some processes are accepting more deviations than others, but an even quality can only reached by a stable and reliable process.  

Stability is more than run 24/7/365; from a control perspective it is also to:

    1. be ahead of process variations
    2. adjust the aeration process as early, fast and precise as possible
    3. add and withdraw blowers as seamless as possible
    4. avoid surge situations

Developed through more than 15 years with stability and reliability as key goals, our control systems are packed with such features.