Energy Saving


The world governments are focusing as never before on cutting energy waste in their action plans addressing climate change. As investments are placed, businesses are urged to develop clever solutions to improve their processes and save energy. These advancements can be reached by using new materials, redesigning the mechanical construction and sometimes just by finding a smoother way to run the process. 

Process Tech Eco stands for a  greener world. We are proud with achieving significant reduction for power consumption in aeration processes. 

Therefore we have developed a complete control package for aeration processes ensuring a unique way to produce aeration at a low costs. Our products, FlxControl, FlxMaster, FlxBio and FlxStudio are all set to pursue that goal. 

The energy saving is achieved by producing the required air demand at the lowest possible pressure and by running the blowers at their combined optimum efficiency according to their individual performance curves. Savings are typically between 10-30%. 

Additional features are: quick start after power failure, surge prevention, running hour balancing and much more.